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Computer Aided Dig Site Management and Documentation

Nowadays modern computer technology is used in almost all phases of an excavation from planning to publishing. This does not only help to save time and money, it gives also access to new types of information. Among the practical goals are to achieve better consistency of the data and to give fast accessibility to the data for the participants of the project. A Geographic Information System (GIS) plays a vital role in our project. It links the data to maps. So the first step in the documentation of the excavation is to produce a digital (topographic) map of the site. Then all finds are registered on-site in a relational database. All field diaries are entered into the computer. The geophysical data is linked to the maps. The evaluation of the data involves statistical analysis and scientific visualization. The interpretation of the results includes virtual reconstructions. At last everything is made available to the public through various media including the internet.

Tall Ziraa 2010 (APAAME)
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